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Union Microlot

what is a microlot?

#1 it could be a specific crop of coffee a farmer decides to separate from others and maybe process differently

#2 some farmers can also separate each day's harvest, in order to sell them as distinctive lots, better understand their value and offer even better traceability

#3 roasters can decide to buy smaller amounts of coffee, keeping them apart from what they usually carry, to create diversity and provide outstanding coffees

why do we even care?

more and more, coffee producers want to gain independance with their business and to do so, they often start to process the coffee on their own in order to offer a unique and more valuable product

consequently, they will pay more attention to details that might increase quality and highlight the specificities of each lot

what are we aiming for?

with the Union Microlot series, we want to promote coffee entrepreneurs' initiatives, get closer to the specialty coffee industry and invite our dear customers to step outside of their comfort zone

we hope to be able to build trustful relationships with suppliers of all origins and learn from them as much as we can

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