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Simplify Brewer

Simplify your morning with the SIMPLIFY Brewer.

The typical flat bottom brewer amplifies the natural sweetness of your coffee, while conical brewers (like a V60) tend to highlight more of the complexity and bring out a bit more acidity. The SIMPLIFY brewer walks the narrow line between these two worlds, so no more struggling to decide which aspect of the coffee you want the most before you can even start brewing.

The SIMPLIFY brewer is designed to minimize contact between filter and brewer, so no water passes through the filter without going through the coffee bed. Combine that with a large 40mm drain hole and high airflow and you get a brewer that's forgiving, ultra consistent, and will extract more from your coffee in less time - especially helpful if you just bought a washed Ethiopian coffee that you just know would need a coarser grind to avoid stalling in a V60.

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