Quick Mill Vetrano 2B MODEL.0995 EVO

Die-casted E61 group with thermosiphonic water circulating / Coffee boiler 0.75l / Steam boiler 1.4L / Coffee heater 800 Watts, 115VAC / Steam heater 1100 Watts, 115VAC / Coffee safety thermostat / Steam safety thermostat / Steam probe MAX level / Electronic floater sensor for the water tank / Static relays for heating of coffee and steam / Double scale gauge / Rotary pump with external right side adjustment / PID temperature control with independent adjustment for coffee and steam / Anti-burn steam wand / Anti-burn hot water wand / Switch to turn off brew boiler / Hatch for filling water tank / Foreseen for the water drain in the drip tray / Ergonomic knobs exclusive Quick Mill / Foreseen to be connected to the direct water connection / 3L water tank / Switch for the use with water tank or direct water connection / Adjustable feet / Certified safety valve / Expansion valve for the adjustment of coffee brew / Professional Sirai pressostat / Included: Single and double portafilters, blind filter, brush, tamper

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